Idlegcy is an advisory, software, and services company that wants to help digital leaders thrive on the respectful use of delicate personal data.

Turning privacy
into a win-win.

No data, no business. Your organization needs data to thrive. Data about people. About clients, staff, visitors, patients.

We help you thrive on data – even on delicate personal data – while enabling your team to respect each individual’s rights. Win-win.


Personal data
must be safe

Every second, data is added to every individual’s identity legacy. It is every individual’s right to protect that legacy, and demand their personal data to be treated with respect.

More people
demand it

Although many people seem not to care, the number of people who do care what organizations do with their data is increasing. And not only when they are into “claim-mode”.

Allowing you
to stand out

Moreover, when offered a little reward, a large majority seems positive about sharing their data – on condition they can trust the organization. Trust and reward, are key for you to stand out.


Win-win Privacy
Business Solutions

Whether you are into HR or Sales & Marketing, as a business manager you need GDPR to help you move forward – not to block you.

We help you stand-out, and show your stakeholders you want to treat their personal data respectfully.

SaaS Product Development
Boosting Solutions

Your SaaS offering can easily stay ahead of the competition, by including consent management, and data sharing reward management.

We are building the plug-ins you need to lead your sector. And, we add specific advisory and implementation services to your projects.

Data Sharing
Reward Management
Consulting & Solutions

If your organization needs to surf on delicate personal data, you’d better set-up a data sharing reward management process, and implement the right systems for it.

We can help you from the first project scoping exercise, all the way up to the implementation and deployment of the systems.


Let’s build the win-win privacy ecosystem together.


You are a business advisor?

We are expanding our network of business advisory consultants for our national and international advisory tracks.


You are into IT project management?

Let’s work together and set-up the world’s leading consent management or data sharing reward management system for digital leaders.


Legal advisor or freelance DPO?

We add key software components and complementary services to your offering.

For you to become a one-stop-shop.

Now focusing on …

  • Career and CV data
  • For recruitment and HR
  • Real-world health data
  • For pharma and medical
  • Location and behavior data
  • For buildings, sites, and towns

From Belgium and Estonia to Europe and the world.


Do you want to co-create our growing
win-win privacy ecosystem?

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