Our partners in the good cause

Idlegcy is creating and nurturing a partner eco-system, that will help the European business world treat the personal data of their stakeholders with respect.

Legal services providers:

focus on the added-value of your advice rather than performing monkey-jobs. Use our automated tool to ensure GDPR compliance of B2B and B2C companies in your region. And generate extra business for your consultants.

IT services providers:

your clients need our apps, and our apps need your integration services. Let’s get together and verify for which of your business clients we can provide a great solution. And vice versa.

App builders:

include a higher level of GDPR-compliance into your application, and ensure individual users can connect their I.CNTRL.ME app with your app, and exercise their GDPR-rights from their personal devices.

GDPR or CRM advisors:

want to use our content, and spread the same message? Talk to us. If you respect our sources, we are very open to share our expertise and have you generate more business.

Want to become a partner?

You are providing legal or IT services, or building an app now? You feel there is too much monkey-type work going on about GDPR? You genuinely want to help companies to treat data with respect? And you’d want to combine making money with helping a good cause?

Let’s find out whether our purposes align.