SaaS Product Development Boosting Solutions

Make your app lead the competition by including the future of data protection workflow, and data sharing reward management.

Your app is
about data

Which app isn’t? Data is the new gold – definitely when your app processes delicate personal data.

Personal data
are precious

People start to realize that their data are precious. They might be quick to share their data – but they are also quick to revoke them, and claim abuse.

Ensure the future
of your apps

No doubt you are processing the data correctly – but there’s more. When your app wants to be future-proof, it better starts including rewards for data sharing too. And that’s where we come in.


We allow you to focus on the core functions of your app,
while we help you include all (future) functions on data sharing and reward management. 

Advisory and
project management

Workshops, advisory tracks, and project management to introduce data consent workflow management, and data sharing reward management with your clients.

Adding consent
management workflow

We develop and integrate the Idlegcy request handling app, together with identification, and workflow solutions from third parties into your applications, and ensure they are in line with your business perspectives.

Adding data sharing
reward management

We put your apps on the brink of the future of data sharing reward management, by assisting you in the scoping and development of these functions into your app.