Data Sharing Reward Management Consulting & Solutions

Include data sharing rewards in your business model, and make a giant leap forward.

Individuals know their
personal data is gold

People want to share data, on three conditions: they feel safe with you, they know they can get back on their decision, and they can make some money on their own data.

Be the first to
reward, and lead

The companies that will be the first movers with data sharing rewards, will be moving so fast forward, that they will outperform their competitors in no time.

We can ensure that
it is you who takes the lead

You do not have to be the expert in consent management, and data sharing reward management. Here is the partner that can add that aspect to your business.


We advise and coach you to become the first mover
with personal data sharing
reward management.

Advisory and
business transformation

Our business strategy experts help you define the right business case, and determine the business model parameters, that will allow you take the lead thanks to personal data sharing reward management.

Project scoping
and management

Within the strategic framework of your company, we design the fastest track forward to take the lead in data sharing reward management. This is where digital leaders are born.

Implementation coaching
and development execution

Your change requires extra resources, and of course these resources are not available (yet). Let us add experienced resources to complete your team with data sharing reward management experts that boost your team.