1 July 2019

Respect for individual’s data helps to become a magnet for top talent

In order to stand out and be reputed as an attractive employer, it helps to be known as a safe haven for the personal data of the talent you are trying to attract.
23 June 2019

Agoria asks to simplify GDPR for the business world

Marc Lambotte, CEO of the largest technology federation in Belgium, wrote in his recommendations to the new government "... that GDPR should become less complex and less expensive"." That is exactly what IDlegcy stands for.
28 May 2019

Vision Architect Jan Lagast to take a bigger stake in Idlegcy

Idlegcy is an idea of Vision Architect Jan Lagast. Jan is a creator of ideas that impact. The impact of Idlegcy is to give individuals control over their personal data. The idea is getting enough traction for Jan to decide to get a bigger stake in this wonderful start-up. Read here why Jan believes Idlegcy is such a purposeful project.
25 May 2019

First anniversary of GDPR

Today is the first anniversary of GDPR. Last year, at this same date, there was a flood of e-mailings of organizations asking for an explicit consent or a more implicit optional opt-out.