Respect for every individual’s personal data is a basic human right. We want to make more and more people understand what that means, and ensure they know they have the right to request to be respected.

GDPR is a basic human right. Do spread the word.


Complying with GDPR should not be complex and expensive for small and medium enterprises. Even more, we want to enable businesses to ensure that ‘respect for personal data’ becomes an integral part of their business culture.

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Idlegcy NV is a European start-up located close to the European legal beating heart of Brussels. It has established a fruitful cooperation with Estonian experts in e-governance and digital services. It is now on the look-out for a main headquarter close to the global funds in digital platforms.


Two teams create the start of the start-up: the “digital
business solutions” team and the “h-app-iness” team.

The “digital business solutions” team members …

… are creating a LegalTech disruption to ensure an affordable GDPR-readiness support for small and medium-sized businesses all over Europe. Among its members are lead attorney Magali Feys from AContrario, customer experience expert Hein Bruggeman, and visionary architect Jan Lagast. This team works from our Brussels West office.

The “h-app-iness”
team members …

… are creating a digital platform for the follow-up and handling of GDPR-requests, so as to help businesses to cope with the growing number of individuals who want to exercise their GDPR- rights. Among its members are Baltic digital innovator Helen Kuremaa, visionary architect Jan Lagast, and our Estonian software developers.


Idlegcy NV is backed by a small group of angel-type private investors. We are now closing a late seed money funding round in the next weeks, and are then preparing our Series A investor funding round. More information can be found on the investor page.

Series A investor
funding round

What’s in a name

Idlegcy mixes ‘identity’ and ‘legacy’. How people think about you and remember you, is almost 100% based on what data they have of you. For the sake of the legacy of your identity, be respectful with your digital data. And ask others to do the same.